As a law enforcement veteran, small business owner, and parent, I am driven to end the ongoing saga of politics by polarization, procrastination and self-preservation. 

When talking with Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated voters alike, they all tell me the same thing. The people want leaders who are willing to compromise and find common sense solutions with long term results. I am running because Harnett County deserves an ethical voice in Raleigh who understands first hand the real issues facing hard working families in North Carolina. It is time to focus on quality of life issues that unite us, not extremist ideologies that only serve to divide us. 

This official website provides information about me and where I stand on the issues. You can also donate or follow the campaign trail on Facebook and Twitter.

Once elected with your support, I promise to protect the values that make North Carolina great and move us forward. Together, we will make a difference.



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